Roomy : AI Powered home styling app

Scan, Style, Live it !

Experience the magic of Roomy’s Live Mode, where you can transform your home in real-time through the lens of your iPhone.

As you point your camera at your space, watch the changes happen instantly, giving you the power to create and explore new design possibilities on-the-go.

With Roomy’s cutting-edge technology, crafting your dream living space has never been more interactive and visually captivating

Discover a new home design experience with Roomy

Scan any room and personalize your space : change or add any furniture, floor or wall covering with a simple touch.

Mix, match, and experiment with endless possibilities until you discover your perfect style.

Discover the innovative Dollhouse Mode in Roomy, where a 3D scan of your space comes to life

Customize every aspect of your home, and experience the excitement of walking through your redesigned rooms like a video game.

This immersive, interactive feature allows you to explore your dream living space from unique perspectives, making the entire process engaging and visually stunning

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